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2016 Highlight Promo
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Boxing & MMA promo
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Be a part of my journey as I push forward to be an Olympic gold medalist! Join my WOLF- PACK! My name is DANYELLE WOLF. As an aspiring Olympic athlete and the two-time USA National Champion, this journey has been a financial struggle. I have been self-funded from the beginning and now I need your help to take my boxing to the next level. I'm running a fundraiser through HTTP://CROWD.TC/WOLF to help raise the funds I need to cover my training and traveling expenses. These funds will allow me to compete worldwide and train full-time. Crowdtilt is a safe and secure online organization to donate money. With your support, I'll continue boxing my way around the world and ultimately in the Olympic Games! xoxo
Day in the Life of Danyelle Wolf
Day in the Life of Danyelle Wolf
A chat with Danyelle Wolf - Two Time US Female Boxing Champion
ESPN 2014 Body Issue: Danyelle Wolf
ESPN 2014 Body Issue: Danyelle Wolf
Behind the scenes on the making of ESPN The Magazine's 2014 Body Issue featuring female boxer Danyelle Wolf.
Natural High Feature
Natural High Feature
"I definitely had a lot of opportunities and times in my life where I could have easily chosen the easy route to try to be cool and do drugs. But I didn't choose that. To me that wasn't cool and that coolness would not last. It wouldn't get you anywhere."
Boss Señorita - Music Video
Boss Señorita - Music Video
Boss Señorita! starring Danyelle Wolf 2 time U.S. Boxing champ

Bio & Stats

2016 IBJFF Jiu Jitsu World Champion

2016 Jiu Jitsu World League Absolute Champion

2016 Jiu Jitsu World League Champion


2015 CONTINENTAL CHAMPION(biannual competition)


2014 Ringside World Championship

2014 Golden Gloves National Champion



2013 Ringside World Championship

2012 Ringside World Championship

Weight Class: 152 lbs/welterweight
Lives in: San Diego, California
Hometown: York, Pennsylvania
Height: 5-11

Upon meeting Danyelle Wolf, the first thing one notices is her height — all 6 feet of it. The second is her demeanor. Poised, polite, feminine, and fashion-conscious, it is not exactly what one expects from a female boxer.

Danyelle, a self-described “lifelong athlete,” is an Olympic hopeful for the 2016 Olympic female boxing event. But she hasn’t by any means been practicing boxing her entire life.

“I had never seen a boxing glove before 2008,” said the Pacific Beach resident. “But I’m up for any challenge when it comes to sports. I’ll try anything.”

After Danyelle graduated from Millersville University, she came to California by way of small-town Pennsylvania. She was constantly running, biking, or swimming, and her physique prompted more than one person to ask if she was a fighter. It surprised her because she had never considered boxing, but it also planted a seed. She decided it was a sport worth checking out.

After she began taking boxing classes and coaching herself at local gyms, more people started taking notice. One boxing fan asked her to meet him at a gym to show him her skills.

“He asked me to throw a jab,” she said. “I didn’t even know what a jab was. But he showed me a few moves, and I just felt comfortable with them. It felt natural.”

One day, someone at a gym even asked her if she would like to teach some of the classes she had been taking, and asked her how long she had been boxing.

“Only about three weeks,” she said.

Danyelle continued to make progress and considered the possibility that she might have a future as a professional boxer, but it wasn’t until August 2009 that she actually had a tangible goal. It was then that the International Olympic Committee announced women’s boxing would be added to the roster of the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Previously, boxing had been the only summer sport in the Olympics without a female component.

“I always wanted to be in the Olympics, ever since I was a little girl,” Danyelle said. “When I was in first grade, my teacher asked us what we wanted to do when we grew up. I said I wanted to be in the Olympics!”

Though some scoffed at the lofty ambitions of the girl who had first donned a boxing glove less than a year before, Danyelle’s talent and drive finally brought her to the attention of some highly connected people in the boxing world. She eventually landed herself a respected San Diego coaching team. Training for about six hours every day, they have helped her develop the skill to accompany her natural strength.

Danyelle’s motivation and commitment to reaching her goal were already in place. What she was missing was experience. Getting in the ring, however, proved to be harder than she had anticipated.

Danyelle’s reputation as a 6-foot powerhouse eventually started preceding her. The first handfuls of fights that were wins from knockouts and TKO’s, only worked against her in her efforts to secure more matches. Her name started spreading in the San Diego boxing circuit, and coaches wouldn’t even entertain the idea of letting their boxers fight her.

Danyelle then had to travel all across the nation to get in big tournaments. Winning these big tournaments gave her the experience she needed to win the Gold in the big USA National Championships, which put her on TEAM USA. Danyelle now goes to Team USA training camps at the Olympic Training Center and travels the world for international boxing tournaments. She also traveled to Venezuela with Team USA and won the Continental Championships which consisted of all the top contenders of South America, Central America, Canada, and the US.

Danyelle has a softer side that enjoys art and fashion. When she’s not training, she can usually be found creating art in some form, be it painting, sculpting, or photo shoots. She says it’s a form of meditation.

“I have many talents aside from just being an athlete,” she said. “I use the arts to bring more substance to my life. I definitely have two sides, it’s a nice balance.”

For Danyelle, achieving her goals is a way to leave her mark on boxing.

“I want to be a pioneer to the sport of boxing and a role model for all the upcoming boxers out there. I’m not fighting because I have to or because I like to beat girls up, but because the sport intrigues me and it takes a lot of hard work and self discipline. I want to represent USA boxing the best I can!”




– Muay Thai/ Kickboxing Training Camp, Phuket, Thailand – June, July, August

– IBJFF Jiu Jitsu World Championships, Long Beach, CA – June

– World League Jiu Jitsu Championships, CA – May

– Cross over into MMA, CA – January 2016

– Olympic Trial Finals, Tennessee – November 2015

– Olympic Trials – October 2015

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Danyelle’s Fine Art

Danyelle’s art is available for purchase. These pieces are one of a kind originals made by Danyelle herself. Danyelle has a decorated art degree from Millersville University.


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